ETL Series Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistors, Teflon Insulated Leads

ETL Series Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistors, Teflon Insulated Leads

An alternative to our EBL and EKL series, the EI Sensor ETL thermistor series boasts a Teflon insulated lead wire allowing operation up to 150°C. This multipurpose temperature sensor is available with non-standard resistance values and tolerances and is used for temperature measurement and control through many industries including HAVC, White Goods and Industrial Controls.

ETL Epoxy Body Dimensional DrawingFeatures:

  • Teflon insulated lead wire
  • Epoxy Encapsulated
  • Special lead materials and lengths available
  • Operating temperature up to 150°C

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  • EPT1: Precision Interchangeable with bare lead wires
  • EPT2: Precision Interchangeable with Kynar lead wires
  • EBL: Standard epoxy coated with bare lead wires
  • EKL: Standard epoxy coated with Kynar lead wires
  • EPLB: Standard epoxy coated with Enamel lead wires
Resistance Ohms @25°CResistance Tol. ± %R-T CurveBeta (K) 0-50°CDownload/ViewPart Number
1,0005183417DrawingR-T DataETL18J102
2,0005183417DrawingR-T DataETL18J202
2,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J202
2,2525303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J222
2,5005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J252
3,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J302
4,7005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J472
5,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J502
6,8005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J682
10,0005173320DrawingR-T DataETL17J103
10,0005213575DrawingR-T DataETL21J103
10,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J103
12,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J123
15,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J153
20,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J203
25,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J253
30,0005243811DrawingR-T DataETL24J303
30,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J303
30,0005544142DrawingR-T DataETL54J303
50,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J503
50,0005544142DrawingR-T DataETL54J503
100,0005303892DrawingR-T DataETL30J104
100,0005544142DrawingR-T DataETL54J104

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