EBL Epoxy Coated Bare Leads Thermistors

EBL Epoxy Coated Bare Leads Thermistors

EI Sensor’s EBL series products are available with a wide range of resistance values and tolerances ranging from ±1% to ±10% as well as point matched options. We have the ability to customize these sensors with special lead materials and lengths while still maintaining their low cost and long term reliability. An excellent choice for many temperature measurement and compensation applications.

EBL Epoxy Body Dimensional DrawingFeatures:

  • Rated up to +150°C
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • Small size
  • Non-standard resistance values
  • Non-standard tolerances

Visit our other Epoxy Coated styles:

  • EPT1: Precision Interchangeable with bare lead wires
  • EPT2: Precision Interchangeable with Kynar lead wires
  • EKL: Standard epoxy coated with Kynar lead wires
  • ETL: Standard epoxy coated with Teflon lead wires
  • EPLB: Standard epoxy coated with Enamel lead wires
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Resistance Ohms @25°CResistance Tol. ± %R-T CurveBeta (K) 0-50°CDownload/ViewDist.
Part Number
R-T DataEBL18J102
R-T DataEBL18J202
2,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J202
2,2525303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J222
2,5005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J252
3,0005303892DrawingR-T Data
4,7005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J472
5,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J502
6,8005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J682
10,0005173320DrawingR-T DataEBL17J103
10,0005213575DrawingR-T DataEBL21J103
10,0002303892DrawingR-T DataXEBL30G103
10,0005303892DrawingR-T DataXEBL30J103
12,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J123
15,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J153
20,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J203
25,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J253
30,0005243811DrawingR-T DataEBL24J303
30,0005303892DrawingR-T DataXEBL30J303
30,0005544142DrawingR-T DataEBL54J303
50,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J503
50,0005544142DrawingR-T DataEBL54J503
100,0005303892DrawingR-T DataEBL30J104
100,0005544142DrawingR-T DataEBL54J104

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