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Temperature Sensors - Thermistor Probe & RTD Probe Assemblies

EI Sensor is a prominent manufacturer and provider of temperature sensors. Our products include PTC and NTC Thermistors, RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), Thermistor Probe Assemblies and RTD Probe Assemblies.

What is a Thermistor?

Thermistors are THERMally sensitive resISTORS whose electrical resistance changes when subjected to a corresponding change in body temperature. EI Sensor offers thermistors capable of operating over the temperature range of -70°C to +300° Celsius.

What is an RTD?

RTDs are temperature sensors that exhibit an increase in resistance when subjected to an increase in their body temperature. EI Sensor provides thin film platinum RTD sensors that are capable of operation from -200° to +850° Celsius.

Thermistors and RTDs are commonly mounted into protective enclosures. The resulting temperature probe assemblies are highly customized to fit specific applications and can be used in a variety of demanding temperature sensing applications. The protective enclosures can be formed out of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and plastic. Extension lead wires such as Teflon, Kynar and PVC are commonly used and there are many different types of connectors which can be added for ease of installation. Many of the probes depicted on our Thermistor Probes and RTD Probes pages are available for immediate shipment thru distribution. If you need a specialized probe assembly, our design engineers are ready to assist. We look forward to working with you!

EI Sensor Thermistor and RTD Stocking Distributors:

Temperature sensing is a critical parameter for industries such as HVAC/Building Automation, Medical & Healthcare, Food Handling & Processing, White Goods & Appliances, Energy, Environmental Systems & Controls, Fire & Safety and Transportation & Automotive. EI Sensor thermistors and RTD sensors are installed into devices throughout these industries with the purpose of accurately and efficiently measuring, monitoring and/or controlling the temperature of a medium within a given set of requirements.

EI Sensor has many standard sensor designs to fit a multitude of temperature sensing applications. If a standard design does not fit your needs, there are endless customized thermistor and RTD options we can offer. Our knowledgeable engineering staff will work closely with you to collect the necessary details specific to your sensing requirement.

There are many key factors to consider when designing a temperature

sensor for an application. Information such as maximum operating temperature, temperature accuracy, environmental conditions the thermistor, RTD or temperature probe assembly may be subjected to, physical constraints plus more will be critical to the design process. We are here to help you every step of the way!

Using the highest quality materials, state of the art equipment and proprietary production techniques, EI Sensor is dedicated to producing a temperature sensor that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements. With a strong commitment to quality, continuous improvement is necessary. Our team continues to invest in research and development of new processes as well as enhancing existing processes that will result in a precise, efficient, cost effective thermistor, RTD or temperature probe assembly.

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