EPLB Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistors

EPLB Series Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistors, Enamel Insulated Lead Wires

The EPLB series of epoxy coated thermistors combines a fast thermal response with a low cost. Boasting a ±1% tolerance at 25°C, the product has enamel insulated lead wires and can operate up to +100°C. The small overall diameter makes the product adaptable to many packaging design requirements throughout industries such as Medical and Healthcare, Consumer Electronics and HVAC-R.

EPLB Epoxy Body Dimensional DrawingFeatures:

  • Rated up to +100°C
  • Low cost
  • Solid conductor leads
  • Fast thermal response

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  • EPT1: Precision Interchangeable with bare lead wires
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  • ETL: Standard epoxy coated with Teflon lead wires
Resistance Ohms @25°CResistance Tol. ± %Beta (K) 25-50°CDownload/ViewDist. StockedPart Number
10,00013,380DrawingR-T DataXEPLB17F103
10,00013,950DrawingR-T DataXEPLB32F103
50,00013,950DrawingR-T DataXEPLB32F503
100,00013,950DrawingR-T DataXEPLB32F104

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