ED41 Glass Encapsulated, DO-41 Axial Leaded Thermistors

ED41 Glass Encapsulated, DO-41 Axial Leaded Thermistors

EI Sensor’s DO-41 glass encapsulated thermistors offer customers a slightly larger glass body profile as compared to our DO-35 series. Hermetically sealed, the DO-41 temperature sensor has an operating temperature range from -55°C to +300°C and excellent long-term stability. The sensors are ideally suited for severe environmental or thermal conditions. Industries such as Building Automation, Industrial Controls, Appliances and Food Processing and Handling utilize this sensor for temperature measurement and control applications.

ED41 Glass Body Dimensional DrawingFeatures:

  • High temperature capability to +300°C
  • Hermetically sealed glass package
  • Low cost
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Non-standard resistance values and tolerances
  • Tape and reel packaging available

Other Package Sizes (NTC Thermistors): 
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Resistance Ohms @25°CResistance Tol. ± %R-T CurveBeta (K) 0-50°CDownload/ViewPart Number
100562952DrawingR-T DataED4106J101
1001062952DrawingR-T DataED4106K101
250562952DrawingR-T DataED4106J251
2501062952DrawingR-T DataED4106K251
4701183417DrawingR-T DataED4118F471
4705183417DrawingR-T DataED4118J471
5001183417DrawingR-T DataED4118F501
5005183417DrawingR-T DataED4118J501
1,0001183417DrawingR-T DataED4118F102
1,0005183417DrawingR-T DataED4118J102
2,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED4130F202
2,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED4130J202
2,2521303892DrawingR-T DataED4130F222
2,2525303892DrawingR-T DataED4130J222
2,5001303892DrawingR-T DataED4130F252
2,5005303892DrawingR-T DataED4130J252
2,7001303892DrawingR-T DataED4130F272
2,7005303892DrawingR-T DataED4130J272
3,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED4130F302
3,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED4130J302
5,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED4130F502
5,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED4130J502
10,0001423988DrawingR-T DataED4142F103
10,0005423988DrawingR-T DataED4142J103
10,0001544142DrawingR-T DataED4154F103
10,0005544142DrawingR-T DataED4154J103
20,0001544142DrawingR-T DataED4154F203
20,0005544142DrawingR-T DataED4154J203
30,0001544142DrawingR-T DataED4154F303
30,0005544142DrawingR-T DataED4154J303
33,0001544142DrawingR-T DataED4154F333
33,0005544142DrawingR-T DataED4154J333

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