ED34 Glass Encapsulated, DO-34 Axial Leaded Thermistors

ED34 Glass Encapsulated, DO-34 Axial Leaded Thermistors

Like our ED35 Series and ED41 Series, EI Sensor’s ED34 glass encapsulated thermistor series offer customers excellent long-term stability and reliability but is smaller in size for applications where space is limited. The temperature sensors operate from -55°C to +300°C. Industries such as Building Automation, Industrial Controls, Appliances and Food Processing and Handling utilize this sensor for many temperature measurement and control applications.

ED34 Glass Body Dimensional DrawingFeatures:

  • High temperature capability to +300°C
  • Hermetically sealed glass package
  • Low cost
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Non-standard resistance values and tolerances
  • Tape and reel packaging available

Other Package Sizes (NTC Thermistors): 
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Resistance Ohms @25°CResistance Tol. ± %R-T CurveBeta (K) 0-50°CDownload/ViewPart Number
1,000562952DrawingR-T DataED3406J102
1,0001062952DrawingR-T DataED3406K102
2,0001183417DrawingR-T DataED3418F202
2,0005183417DrawingR-T DataED3418J202
2,5001183417DrawingR-T DataED3418F252
2,5005183417DrawingR-T DataED3418J252
3,0001183417DrawingR-T DataED3418F302
3,0005183417DrawingR-T DataED3418J302
5,0001183417DrawingR-T DataED3418F502
5,0005183417DrawingR-T DataED3418J502
10,0001183417DrawingR-T DataED3418F103
10,0005183417DrawingR-T DataED3418J103
10,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED3430F103
10,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED3430J103
30,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED3430F303
30,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED3430J303
50,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED3430F503
50,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED3430J503
68,0001423988DrawingR-T DataED3442F683
100,0001303892DrawingR-T DataED3430F104
100,0005303892DrawingR-T DataED3430J104
100,0001423988DrawingR-T DataED3442F104
100,0005423988DrawingR-T DataED3442J104
250,0001544142DrawingR-T DataED3454F254
250,0005544142DrawingR-T DataED3454J254
330,0001544142DrawingR-T DataED3454F334
330,0005544142DrawingR-T DataED3454J334

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